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Pleasure Saddles
Falsa Blanket
Beaded Bracelets
Coin Bags
Rattlesnake Keychains
Artisan Purses
Fiesta Sombreros
Maya Modern Table Runners
Cow hides
Pillow Covers
Handpainted Skull
Hippie Bags
Sugar Skull Winestoppers
Stencil Placemats
Handpainted Feathers
Southwest Blankets
Rancho El Cid Blankets
Cowhide Pillows
Multi-color Dream Catcher Necklaces
Intricate Wool Yei Rugs
Southwest Baskets
Diamond Center Blankets

Peyote Blankets
New West Falsa
True Grit Falsa
Rio Bravo
New West Diamond Center
Mazatlan Style
San Miguel Style
El Cid Luxury Plush
Camp Blanket
Mexican Catalina
4’x5’ Accent Throws

King Bedspreads
Queen Bedspreads
Luxury King Bedspreads
Luxury Queen Bedspreads
Luxury Southwest Bedspreads

Hand Made Mexico Pottery

Fine Southwest Baskets

Gift Shop Items
Rabbits Foots
Leather Wallets

Fire and Ice
Fancy Diamond Center
2’x 5’ Fire and Ice
Fringed Serape Place Mat
2’ x 5’ Serape Ponchos

Horns and Mounts
Genuine Mounted Horns
Full Steer Mounts

Genuine Brazilian Cow Hides

Saddles & Leather Goods
Mexico Bull Whips
Mexico Pleasure Saddles
Wool Southwest Pattern
Wool Maya Modern
Santa Fe
New West Hacienda
Wool 2' x 3' Tapestries
Acrylic Southwest
Acrylic Fiesta & Hacienda
Acrylic Intricate Azteca
Acrylic Hawkeye
Acrylic Feather Hawkeye
Acrylic Saltillo
Purses & Bags
Wool Maya Modern
Wool Artisan Purse Collection
Wool Chimayo
Monterrey Tote Bags
Cotton Stencil Purses
Weekender Bags
Southwest Handbags
Canvas and Jute Totes
Coin and Cosmetic Bags
Hippie Bags
Child Fiesta Bag
Rio Bravo Hippie Tote
Painted Desert Bag Collection
Gypsy Purse Collection
Peru & Guatemala Collection
New West Collection
Canyon Trails
Peru DrawString Pack
Woodstock Baja Pack
Hippie Sack Pack

Beaded Cuffs

Shawls & Wraps
36" x 80" Shawls
27" x 72" Wraps

Heavy Wool Saddleblankets
4 lb Wool Saddleblanket
Hawkeye Saddleblanket
Feather Hawkey Saddleblanket
Saltillo Saddleblanket
Dream Catchers
Painted CowSkulls
Pillow Covers
Wool Maya Modern
Acrylic Azteca Cover
Acrylic Accent Cover
Acrylic Serape Cover
Acrylic Pillow Shams
Cowhide Pillows

Table Runners
Wool Saltillo Runners
Wool Maya Modern Runners
Acrylic Superior Runners
Cotton Stencil Runners
Mats/Place Mats
Cotton Stencil Placemats
Serape Placemats
Superior Table Mats
Canvas Place Mats
Wool Maya Mats
Wool Chimayo Mats

Canvas Coaster
Wool Coasters

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In the 1970s...

The Stone Age, as he calls it — Dusty and Bonnie Henson were beating their way along Route 66, peddling mostly turquoise jewelry and Mexican saddleblankets out of the back of a beat-up pickup truck. One day they met a man who owned several trading posts in New Mexico, the fellow asked them if they could manufacture Southwest-style rugs. Dusty figured he could, and started producing high-quality rugs in Mexico. Sales soared, and Dusty and Bonnie soon opened their own trading post location and began a journey that would become more than 44 years of traveling the globe-trading, buying, manufacturing, wholesaling and designing the best selection of Southwest products available anywhere. Dusty and Bonnie have made a lot of friends, a lot of deals, and a lot of wonderful hand-crafted products along the way...


El Paso Saddleblanket Company is the World's Largest Southwest Trading Post with a large Wholesale Only warehouse located in El Paso, Texas. Here you can get a one-on-one shop-ping experience with our highly qualified Wholesale Sale Representatives. The showroom touts one of the widest selections of Southwest and Western crafts in the world. Overflowing with Southwest rugs, blankets, bedspreads, pillows, jewelry, Mexico pottery, western purses, Brazilian cowhides, handpainted artifacts, mounted horns, saddles, unique rattlesnake decor, hand-woven baskets, serapes and more-all at El Paso Saddleblanket's World Famous Wholesale Direct Honest Low Prices. While no longer operating out of the back of their old pickup truck, Dusty and Bonnie are still living their trader dream...

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El Paso Saddleblanket believes in offering top-quality service and products, all while presenting a huge selection enabling you to customize your inventory to fit the needs of your store. We stock everything you need to represent the western and southwestern lifestyle. We carry it all: Hand-woven Rugs, Southwestern Blankets, Pottery, Gift Shop Items, Saddles and Leather Goods, and Fashionable Accessories. You will find everything you need and more!

For individuals buying for personal use, shop our samples website:
You won't find a larger selection of quality western and southwestern products anywhere else in the world!

Enjoy our website and become a wholesale dealer... Our selection, quality, and service can't be beat!

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